How to save my business: read the book as soon as possible


If you have a company or you think about creating a new business, don’t wait a minute to buy and read this company refloatment manual. It is a clear and summarized guide on how to successfully restructure a company .

Full of references to links


It is noted that Sean Fernandez is accustomed to the Internet link culture, since his book is full of references to links from other sources. It seems as if he wants us to click on the print. Someday digital paper will allow this type of reading (I think it is the future after e-books, digital paper in which you can read from a newspaper drinking coffee to a book on the beach).

We have to give our sincere thanks to the author, who in addition to dedicating the book has referenced us in it in the section of links of interest . All an honor, undeserved but grateful.

This book is aimed at small entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to have a minimum basis for restructuring companies in crisis.


The financial culture of the managers of modest companies in Spain is far from acceptable, and with this work an important gap is covered in the training of entrepreneurs in times of crisis .

Respond with your personal assets to the debts of the company 

Respond with your personal assets to the debts of the company 

As an example of the content of the book I will cite the decalogue of measures to avoid bankruptcy of the administrator , which is nothing other than rules to follow, by which the company manages, to avoid that, in case of bankruptcy (bankruptcy ), you must respond with your personal assets to the debts of the company :

  1. Do not carry double accounting.
  2. Rigor in keeping accounting .
  3. Do not make creative accounting notes, to fictitiously correct equity imbalances.
  4. Prepare treasury budgets.
  5. Avoid qualifications in audits.
  6. In the processes of lasting refinancing, if appropriate, submit the communication provided in art. 5.3 of the LC.
  7. Correct documentation when the bankruptcy is presented.
  8. Do not delay the presentation of the bankruptcy proceedings .
  9. Collaborate with the Court and bankruptcy administrators.
  10. Quickly submit a bankruptcy ERE, if applicable.

How to save my business, a bedside book for the entrepreneur in times of crisis.

Christopher Bell

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